From party girl to obedient slave. Part 2 (FHD) – Bondagio slave training belly button fetish

From party girl to obedient slave. Part 2 (FHD) - Bondagio slave training belly button fetishTo find more videos from
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Length:34 min
no one was coming for her and that she now belonged to someone else.  No more doing things on her own, just living using her body to please the captor.  After a while, the hope she had for escape disappeared and what replaced it was a desire to please her master.  The captor could not be any happier and throughout the year would alter between kindness and humiliation to keep Patty a subservient bondage slave.   Laying on the couch as well with her head in the captor’s lap and mummified Patty lays flexing/curling her toes mewing and struggling to get the captor’s attention.  Patty attitude is more playful and subservient now as she gyrates and moves jiggling the nipple clamps attached to her exposed breast. Her hair still tied in a ponytail, Patty sticks her tongue in and out through her gag.  This does not go unnoticed by the captor who strokes Patty’s head and gropes her breast.  Sometimes the captor would play around with Patty’s ring gag mouth stick their finger in there as Patty tried to lick it with her tongue. As Patty groans from this, she occasionally arches and truly struggles in her bondage as if trying to escape.  The captor knew why though.  The head inserted a vibrator in Patty’s mummified prison and as tied up as Patty was it would be a long time before they turned it off.  The captor moves to her toe tied feet, gives Patty long strokes across her feet. Patty laughs and desperately struggles. After a while Fiddler moves to massage Patty’s feet.  When he makes her hop around a living room before finalizing the mumification leaving only her eyes and nose visible.   Deciding now is the day to take things a little further, the captor makes Patty get up before guiding her by the shoulders and making her to hop to the bedroom.  The captor wanted Patty well rested for the party they plan for her.   The...