Mandy Wolf – Being the Bosses Bitch – HD 1080p MP4 – Bratty Foot Girls girls cuckholding

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Studio:Bratty Foot Girls
Length:17 min
if it is currently manageable, it is still okay.
This clip is suppose to be the starting clip of several other clips which will be with the main idea, hopefully 🙂 Please give a good time for each of the main action while filming. I wanted to make it a bit longer but I couldnt afford to pay more for now. 😀
The Script:
The Start:
The clip starts with Mandy sitting in her office when Jason enters the room after she called for him, when he walks in he tries to be friendly with her but he can already see her angry face.
Mandy already had her evil plan prepared for him, so she gets right to it and without even saying Hi she says: So I have received several complaints about you Jason from some of your colleagues, Jason was stunned with the news and he didnt know what to say. Mandy then continues in a threatening angry voice: What! Are you surprised!? So you dont recall harassing the girls in the office, walking around telling them what you would do to their asses and what they should do to your cock!? You thought this wont reach me!
Jason starts shaking and doesnt even know what to say, then Mandy shouts at him: There is no need to...