Lucie the giant Teacher 4K Version VR360 high heels shrinking

Lucie the giant Teacher 4K Version VR360 high heels shrinkingLucie the giant Teacher 4K Version VR360 high heels shrinkingTo find more videos from
Winzlings Shrinking Clips
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Studio:Winzlings Shrinking Clips
Length:22 minutes
sea. Far above, she wears a matching dress that elegantly flows over her knees. Shes always been your favourite teacher so stylish and beautiful. You cant help but admire the piece of debris thats stuck to her big toe as she slides and taps her heels on the hardwood floor, entirely unaware of your minuscule presence until the moment her shoe bumps into you. Ms. Lucie gets down on the ground to get a better look at you. Luckily she didnt mistake you for an insect and end your existence as a little red smear on her hardwood floor but a part of you cant help but desire this most undesirable outcome. To be crushed would be the ultimate form of submission, and beneath the foot of your teacher who youve respected and adored all year. She recognizes you. Ohhh I know you! You are my student! She asks why youre shrunken, and tries to hear a response. Are you crazy? You like my feet? Lucie stands above you, a shy smile displayed on her face as she hovers her foot beside you. Wow, she isnt mad... maybe she even enjoys it a little. She sits with her feet on both sides of you, their subtle scent wafts through the air around you. The heat of...