Anna Lemon and her little Prisoners 4K Version VR 360 – Winzlings Shrinking Clips s a

Anna Lemon and her little Prisoners 4K Version VR 360 - Winzlings Shrinking Clips s aTo find more videos from
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purpose in life is to be her food (or entertainment) -pushing them back inside their fragile homes until the moment... Until the moment she sees you – standing alone in the middle of town.

“You look sad... and tastyyyy.” she suggestively slurps her lips while looking directly into your eyes. “Let me eat you. You will be the last one... of course, for today.” She laughs guiltily as the words slip from her mouth – which youre promptly placed inside. Your existence ends surrounded by Annas heartbeat and the warm moving darkness.

Later, around midnight... (from the perspective of a different tiny)

Anna awakes from her slumber, looking at the village of tinies, which shes moved beside her bed. Horrified of their future prospects, many of the townspeople have decided they need to find a way to escape and are scattered about the table.

“Well, now its time for a midnight snack.”

Still half asleep, she begins licking tinies from her table – sticking them to her tongue and savoring them as they enter her mouth with a pleasured moan or a predatory growl.

“Mmmm, so tasty.”

She rubs her pussy on the table in front of them with a laugh, ass stretched into the air above before turning around and licking her nipple. With careful aim, she drops her wet nipple onto one of the tiny men – allowing the stickly saliva to cling him to her breast. She retracts from the table, and licks the tiny struggling snack from her breast, before trying to repeat with the other boob. He pushes free from her saliva before her mouth can take him – but he doesnt get far before he too meets destiny.

“Look!” She says, spotting a tiny hiding on the far end of the table. “You tried to escape? From my...