Sky Above You – Skylar Locke r female domination

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for as long as possible. You asked for it! I just shriek in glorious entertainment as I watch submissives lose every ounce of self-esteem. Squirm and struggle for me. Thats my goal. It is as though you are begging to be teased and denied--now I will tie you up and stroke you until you think you will finally cum--but no! You asked for it, and Mistress Sky is here to extend your pleasure as long as you like. I shriek in delight as submissives collapse and lose all their sense of self. I want you to constantly struggle and squirm. Yes, that is where I want you forever. There is nothing more fun than teasing and denying you. Now let me tie you up and stroke you, until you think youre gonna come out, but nope! As...