Fat Pig Roll Around – AMERICAN MEAN GIRLS bow pole

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OUR profit and entertainment… during its interview the Mean Girls couldn’t stop laughing at it and decided to take it a step further and turn it into a real life PIG! So naturally the Mean Girls create an actual MUD PIT for this ugly gross pig to live in. And what better way to humiliate this gross pig than to make it roll around in the mud and literally step all over it! Hahahahaha.   Amber, Lexi, Reign and Skylar all take turns taunting it and make it eat the mud off of their feet. Even though this pig was crying, the Mean Girls didn’t feel bad for it AT ALL! Instead Princess Amber decided to make it eat dawgfood! EW! That canned garbage is soooooo nasty that this pig could barely choke it down… but of course the Mean Girls made sure it licked every bit clean.   And if that wasn’t humiliating enough, Princess Amber stood on it and yelled at this fat pig to gobble down its grub hahahahahaha   - Goddess Draya   *To see...