Jenna and the little accident 4K Version VR360 – Winzlings Shrinking Clips barefoot e

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with a naughty grin, realizing that her thonged ass is directly in your line of sight – she gives it a little squeeze for emphasis. Her arched back, showcases her well formed natural breasts as she asks how it feels to be a tiny man.

“Good morning.” She says, blowing you a kiss as she transfers the cage to her bed. “Do you want to be bigger? I will make you bigger.” She flips her leg over your plastic cell, enjoying the power she feels with you trapped staring from between her impossibly long legs.

“I will show you the world. Hehe. Come here!” the giant fingers reach for you - she plucks you from the terrarium and places you on her chest. “Do you like to be here? On my breasts?”

She walks around her apartment, making a coffee and grabbing a smoke on the balcony – the cold morning air hardening her nipples.

“Oh, Im late! I have to go walk!” She grabs a white blouse and quickly dresses, leaving you inside for her walk.

During the day, she found a new place for you 🙂 (between scenes)

“Heyyyy. How was the day inside my panties?!” You look out from the black mesh after a full and adventurous day.

“I actually know what you will like the most.” She lays topless on the couch, blowing you a sweet kiss while she turns on the TV.

“But you know... I actually have a much better place for you than here. You will like it.” Sets you on her ass, wiggling it while she surfs through shows.

Jenna sets you on the table – removing the black thong you were trapped in all...